Artisans of Barossa - Grenache Project Tasting

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A unique opportunity to explore the influence of the winemaker or the impact of origin on the character and flavour of Barossa wine through our acclaimed ‘Grenache Project’.

This collaborative effort brings our winemakers together to explore the possibilities of Barossa wine expression from a single varietal. Each tasting features six wines from the current vintage release of the "Grenache Project".

Nowhere else can you discover the breadth and depth of Barossa wine expression that you’ll find at Artisans of Barossa. Over 100 wines from eight of the region’s best small, independent family owned winemakers in one place. Presented through a range of tastings designed to take you on a personal journey of discovery in Barossa wine. Combine your tasting with lunch at our restaurant ‘Essen’ for an exceptional experience of Barossa wine, food and warm hospitality.

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